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In the beginning of a project, every CDF participant will be matched with a volunteer mentor to obtain support throughout the three-year programme. The matching of mentors to participating children is made according to gender, personalities, interests, occupation/industry, family background, religion, etc.

Mentor's role

As a Life Guide, a mentor is expected to widen the participant's horizons, offer career inspirations, and assist in building up self-esteem and resilience, providing guidance and companionship as part of the personal development experience.

Mentor's responsibilities

  • Keep in contact with mentee at least once per month, sharing life experiences, providing guidance, support, attention and caring;
  • Assist mentee in drawing up the Personal Development Plan in the first two years of the project, and realising the plan with the Targeted Savings by the end of the third year;
  • Attend five (5) training sessions and two (2) sharing sessions provided by project operators; and
  • Report progress and provide feedback to project operators regularly.

Be a Mentor

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